Challenges have been discontinued, but I hope you will enjoy browsing through this wonderful archive of Alice-inspired art!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome to The Altered Alice, a Non-Calendrical Compendium of Alice Artwork!

I have been an Alice fan since I was a little girl; more years than we will count! I have been inspired by so many fabulous Alice in Wonderland projects, and I try to bookmark them all, but it is an unweildy way to try and browse through them. I have wanted to create this blog for a long time as a way to visually centralize all the wonderful Alice artwork I've seen, and be able to categorize it with labels such as ATC, art journal page, wall art, mini-book, tags, cards, and so on!

I plan to show a photo or two, give the artist credit, and link back to the original blog post for all the details. So if you get an email from me asking if I can show your project on this blog, rest assured that I am not recreating your post but instead I hope to drive more traffic to your blog! And if your item is featured here, I hope you will post about it on your blog to send people here!  I will also try to figure out some kind of linking system for people to submit items for consideration, and in the meantime you can email me with the link in the left sidebar.

In Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie, the Calendrical Compendium was the Oraculum that showed all the days of "Underland."  A compendium is a gathering of a lot of information treated in a shallow way, rather than deep like an encyclopedia. I called this compendium "non-calendrical" because it is not only for new work, like a challenge blog submission. Instead, this is a place to visually centralize all the WONDERful Alice projects that are out there and tie them together in this compendium. It is a new way to navigate Wonderland!

I hope you will join in the journey, and welcome to Wonderland!


  1. Hi Lynne,

    Thank-you for your comments on my shadow box and please feel free to display it in your new blog.

    Meesh. xx

  2. This is a great idea Lynne and I'm even inspired to create a few more pieces in the future too. I am hoping to do a Halloween spool with the Graphic 45 papers Halloween in Wonderland. I'm sure your new blog will continue to grow from strength to strength. Tracy Evans x

  3. I love this blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog and telling me about it!
    Alice in Wonderland= my obsession!
    I should craft with AIW themes more often!

  4. Hello, I really enjoyed my visit to your Alice in Wonderland website. I also love the Alice in Wonderland story. In fact I like it SO MUCH I wrote one of my own! It's called 'Alice in Wonderland Christmas'. You can see it at Bye.


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