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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrate Mad Hatter Day with a MAD TEA PARTY - Week 2

Join Us for a MAD TEA PARTY!

We LOVE The Artistic Stamper!Our generous sponsor this month is The Artistic Stamper, and they are offering a£15 pound voucher for The Artistic Stamper stamps! They have a WONDERFUL online store that offers free worldwide shipping on orders over £35 and they carry loads of my favorite brands. The Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blogoffers amazing inspiration and interesting challenges, so be sure to visit! Jennie has kindly provided our design team with the Mabel Lucie Attwell Mad Hatter Stamp for our projects this month. It will be interesting to see how everyone applies their own style and vision to the same image!

The challenge this month is to create a project to celebrate the Mad Hatter, AND to bring something to our Mad Tea Party! You have until Friday, June 24 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4:00) and we'll announce the winner of the £15 voucher for The Artistic Stamper stamps on Sunday, June 26!

Here are the design team's party contributions:

Your Weekly Inspiration:

First off, not only is Sue Roddis of JABBERWOCKY bringing the cups to the Mad Tea Party, she MADE the cups! She started by making the cups from card stock using a template, then she covered them with papier-mâché and painted them with hearts and various borders. These are SO cool!

She also created placecards for our Mad Tea Party.  I love it that they all have little Paper umbrellas!  Of course if Wonderland is anything like England I'm sure they'll be needed!  Hmmm. I have usually seen these sprouting from the top of fancy cocktails; I wonder if Sue had to consume a few for the cause?  ;-) Read more about the cups and see additional photos when you leave a comment on this post!

Mad Hatter Day is a pretty big deal around here, so of course Sue documented the event in her art journal! She used our Mad Hatter stamp along with other Mable Lucie Attwell stamps from The Artistic Stamper.

It looks like the background was built up through various stencils, I love the rich layering and warm colors! And of course, we ARE all mad here, LOL!

I also love the waySue has wrapped the text around a circle from each image; this text treatment sure adds a lot of dynamic energy to the design!  You can leave a comment and read more about the art journal pages on this post.

Tracy, a.k.a. CuddlyBunny of Not a Moment to Spare has created this wonderful woodland scene with sheet music, book text, and a very interesting technique with oil pastels. I absolutely love this piece and it is providing me with all kinds of inspiration for my own (yet to be created) piece - but don't worry Tracy, I'll give you full credit!  The way the musical treetops project at various levels from the base gives the piece so much depth; these trees really are sheltering and shading the Mad Tea Party beneath!  I really love the torn edges on the oil pastel painted treetop pieces, and the melty strokes add a lot of texture.

More oil pastel was used to bring the stamped image to life with such a density of color; the cool blues and grays contrast nicely with the warm greens and brown of the trees and the ivory of the book page.  Be sure to visit Tracy's blog and let her know how much you like her creation, and to read about the fascinating oil pastel technique she used to get that amazing melty, glossy texture on the treetops and mushrooms!

Barbara Washington of Magic Delights is bringing the Mad Hatter's Watch to the party, which she made using a Tim Holtz pocket watch case and other bits and pieces!  Of course it wasn't ready when I made the graphic of what everyone on the team is bringing to the party, because the Mad Hatter's watch runs exactly two days slow! That's Barbara's story and she's sticking to it!

Inside, Barbara adhered a picture of the mad hatter, and then added a game spinner, a couple red roses, and various watch parts! Really neat!

Then Barbara made a wonderful plaque with a pyramid-layered set of the images stamped on various colored papers! You can see the depth in the photo above, isn't it a neat effect?

And this is what the plaque looks like straight on! Magic! I love the mix of colored papers, and the background tea-patterned paper could not be more perfect for this project! Be sure to stop by Barbara's blog and let her know how you like her watch and plaque!

Hels Sheriden of Ink on My Fingers is the Creative Coordinator of The Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog, and she has contributied this fun easel card to our party - not to mention a nice spicy curry! Hels painted in the stamped image with Distress Inks and a waterbrush with some nice sponging round the edges.  I really like the simple, tailored presentation that makes the image the star of the show!

Instead of an Alice quote, Hels has come up with her own quote, and very Alice-worthy it is too!  Dormouse teabags, only Hels (and perhaps Nigel?) would have come up with this sentiment! Hels, thanks so much for playing along with The Altered Alice!  Be sure to visit Hels' blog to let her know what you think of this great, funny card.

Erin is having interenet connection problems this week, so we'll share her project next week instead!

So find something fun to bring to our Mad Tea Party, and show & tell when you link your project that celebrates the Mad Hatter! You have until Friday, June 24 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4:00) and we'll announce the winner of the £15 voucher for The Artistic Stamper stamps on Sunday, June 26! And Happy Mad Hatter Day from The Altered Alice!

To enter your creation, use the linky tool below - just click the red link below the thumbnail images. Please list YOUR NAME or YOUR BLOG NAME when you link your entry. The field is long enough that you can also put the title of your piece, but please, please, please put your name first. (Note - if you are viewing this in email or through a reader, you will need to click on the title of this post to view it on the blog.)

Please leave a comment here before you go! 


  1. Lots of eye candy this week! The teacups couldn't be any cuter!

  2. I only recently found your challenge but I gotta say it's a HEAP of fun with AMAZING eye candy from the DT - and so varied too - LOVE it!

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  4. Those tea cups are CRAZY COOL!!!!!!

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  6. Hi Lynne, I entered a "physical" collage, too, if necessary, please delete the digital collage!

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  7. Sorry, Lynne, I am a bit dense at the moment :-) Yes, I bring cupcakes :-)


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