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Sunday, September 25, 2011

CHAPTER 7: Winner & Honorable Mentions

Our heartfelt thanks go out to this month's sponsor, Stamp Attacka British company that is well known (among other things) for their fantastic Alice stamp plates which have sold to customers all over the world. In fact, Helena Bonham Carter, the actress who played the Red Queen in the Tim Burton Alice movie, purchased plates of Alice stamps from Stamp Attack, which were then delivered to the studio!  Enabler alert: Stamp Attack offers speedy worldwide shipping for only £1 on unmounted stamp orders, so go on and check out their beautiful stamps!

Challenge: Nonsense text - use text as pattern

But before I reveal the winner of this month's challenge, I have two more design team offerings! What can I say, it has been a busy month for all of us and we just couldn't squeeze them in earlier! Plus, of course, you know how I love to draw out the suspense, hah!

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Sue Roddis of JABBERWOCKY has the silhouettes running across this round stage of folded book pages! Is this fantastic or what? This is a paperback copy of Alice; the wings on either side are the open covers. Each page has been folded and tucked into the center. The title page of the book provided the banner around the top, and NONSENSE was stamped on more book pages and cut out. I love the way she has included the silhouettes stamped onto thin light paper on the inside book covers.

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You can see here how she has cut away a "stage" in the center pages. the "six impossible things" quote has been stamped and wrapped around the inner portion of the cut out pages. Isn't this a wonderful project? I would absolutely LOVE to have this sitting in my library at home, tucked into a niche on one of my countless bookcases! Please go to the JABBERWOCKY and leave a comment for Sue on this fantastic project!

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Guest designer Jess Marin of My Scrap Diary offers a delightful duo of cards as her farewell project. Sadly, the sponsor's stamps went astray so Jess instead brings us some Tickled Pink cuteness! The key background is perfect, and she has her text as pattern on the panel behind her beautifully colored images. I love the way the colors glow against the neutral background. But there is more text, do you see it?

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Jess has filled the clothing and the rabbit with text also! I love the way she has shaded her beautiful colored pencil work to leave the text shining through.  Jess, thanks for such a fun farewell project, so perfect for this challenge! Be sure to go to My Scrap Diary and leave Jess an Altered Alice goodbye and thank you!

The Winner! 

Today's randomly selected winner will receive a Stamp Attack gift certificate for £13.50, which is equivalent to one of the Alice stamp plates that the design team used! All entries which featured Wonderland were given two draws at the challenge instead of one.

It probably comes as no surprise that Bonnie McLain, who had four Alice projects and therefore eight chances, is the winner of this month's random drawing! She had four projects and a total of eight chances in the hat this month. The entry that actually won was her amazing "Down the Rabbit Hole" book with the ring binding:

Each page's circular hole is smaller in size than the previous, and we can see fascinating bits of each page poking into the rabbit hole! What a great project! Be sure to go to this post to see some of the other pages of this wonderful little book. But this challenge really sparked Bonnie's mojo, and she made a mini version with accordian construction instead of the ring binding:

I love the way the Queen can be seen at the bottom of the hole! Be sure to visit Bonnie's Art Between the Pages blog for more page views! And Bonnie, I hope you'll display your winner badge with pride! Email me about claiming your prize!

The Honorable Mentions! 

This challenge really had everyone revved, we had lots of entries and they were ALL fantastic! The ones I am highlighting here just had some detail that jumped out at me; if I had enough time I would have listed them ALL! Thanks to EVERYONE for entering and making this such a fun month!

First, I guess unusual construction was a theme this month. I was particularly amazed at what "Izzwizz" from the UK did with this concertina clockwork construction!  The cover is lovely, especially with the handmade charms and gilt edges, and her "Tempus Fugit" text pattern in the background, very appropriate!

But the reason for the honorable mention is inside!

Is that cool or what? The concertina construction allowed her to add layer after layer of gears and sprockets to really give you the feeling of peering into a clockwork! LOVE this! She explains the construction of what she also calls "tunnel cards" with several examples on this post, very interesting!

I love this whole scene filled with text assembled by Debra James of Perth, Australia! The vivid colors and textures make my detail-loving soul happy!

Debra Beight wins an honorable mention for this entry, but the way her blog is set up I can't link the photo from here.  I love the vivid colors, strong graphical design, and the cloud-filled sky! Debra is a newcomer to The Altered Alice but she was also inspired to make several entries. Remember, you can enter as many times as you like as long as each entry is on a separate post!

Sarah Cooper of Scrapbooking is Cheaper Than Therapy recycled an old birdhouse into a text-covered bit of Wonderland!

This one by Anne made me laugh, it is straight out of the Tim Burton movie! It also seemed particularly appropriate as Helena Bonham Carter, the movie's Red Queen, is an Alice stamping fan!

Blackdragon's entry also made me laugh; it says "The height of fashion is to have a very large head and a very small hat!"

Well, I'm out of time. I could have gone on and described every entry! I hope all the honorable mentions will display the above badge with pride and link it back to this post on The Altered Alice! I have included the entries below so you can see how inspired ALL the entries were this month!

THANKS STAMP ATTACK for being such a GREAT sponsor! Please leave a comment before you go, they really keep me going!


  1. Amazing work by ALL! Congrats to the winner and the Fab 5! xxD

  2. WOW, Fabulous art, Glad I didn't have to judge!!
    Sues book is out of this world !!!

  3. Such clever entries. So inspiring! Thanks everyone!

  4. Oh Wow, I got an honouranle mention - thank you so much, you've made my day. I just LOVE that book from Sue, really brilliant and so original! x

  5. Don't mean to sound dumb but when is your next Alice challenge? This past one was my first and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to another one.


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