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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sam Royal's Amazing Interactive Halloween Mini-Book!

Featured Artist: Sam Royal
Blog Post: Arty Pants
Location: England, United Kingdom

Sam submitted this fascinating mini-book through the Submit Your ALICE Artwork link at the top of the page. I went to her blog post, but there was a very small sized video that flipped you through the pages. I just KNEW there were wonderful details but I just couldn't SEE them. So I asked Sam if she would take still photos so I could showcase her mini-book here on The Altered Alice, and I am SO HAPPY to show you all the wonders of this charming book.

I have to admit that I look at some mini-books and think "that's very pretty but what do I do with it?"  Don't shoot me! There are other mini-books that I just adore.  Looking at Sam's creation made me realize that it is the interactivity of some books that really sets them apart. The really great mini books allow us to EXPLORE! It may be a variety of textures, materials and image treatments.  It may be interesting construction and lots of tabs to explore like Sue's mini-book. It may be thought provoking. It may be like Hel's mini-book where we are invited to sing The White Rabbit.  They are not just to look at, they are made to experience!

So let's explore and experience Sam's Halloween in Wonderland through these wonderful photos that take us page by page through her creation. There are lots of pockets and envelopes, tags and other items tucked in, panels to open! Click on any of the photos for larger view.

Pull the tab - BOO!

Do you recognize these words on the next page? The a verse from the poem at the end of Through the Looking Glass

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die:

I love this clever pocket that holds one tag inside, then another is tucked horizontally behind the pocket itself.
 The tag shapes are interesting and the tassels are wonderful. I love the transparent watch faces on the Mad Hatter tag!
And here is the pocket again with both tags removed.

Another pocket with two tags. I love the way the trimmed out Mad Hatter forms such an interesting pocket shape!

I am not sure what is in this pocket, but we see the pocket with the tag removed below:

Don't you want to untie the flap on that little patterned envelope and see what kind of treasure hides inside?

This attached trifold panel opens up with more scenes inside!

The flight of punched bat shapes continues from the cover to inside the first flap.

Now both flaps are spread open. The large scale of the hand with its minimal detail in the center is balanced by the smaller scale of the scenes on each side, which are just full of rich detail!

 The End - and perhaps the frog footman with his invitation for the Duchess is asking us back in to explore some more!

Isn't this a wonderful little book? There are so many details to love, even the basic things like the brass eyelets on every page. I love the way all the cutout shapes are rimmed with black. I love it that she chose black rather than silver or gold rings to hold the book together, and all the ribbons tied on are so exuberant yet they are anchored by the black polka dot ribbon!  The color black acts as both a thread and an anchor as we travel through the book.

 I so wish I could see it in person as it invites you to play! I want to turn the pages, pull the tabs, pull the tags out of the pockets.  These photos give us some sense of that experience, and I hope you have enjoyed exploring Sam's creation as much as I have!

Please visit Sam's blog, Arty Pants, to leave her some love. Sam says that she loves to create little pieces of art, is quite mad, and spends too much money on crafts.  I would say all three of those traits came together to create this marvelous little book!  Sam is fairly new to this type of crafting, which makes her mini-book all the more amazing! I hope this post on The Altered Alice will encourage her to continue in this direction!

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  1. Wow! That's the most Amazing mini-book I've ever seen!!! I love all those pockets and tags tucked everywhere! Brilliant!

  2. Wow! Love the composition and colors.

  3. What an AMAZING album!!! It's absolutely the best mini I've ever seen too!!! Love it!

  4. I love it! I love how interactive it is, the book invites you to touch and flip and pull. Awesome Job!

  5. Thank you for sharing this book. The detail is such a surprise with each page. Lots of attention to detail went into this beauty. Now I'm off to see her blog.

  6. Gorgeous mini book, I love all the little pockets and little touches, a wonderful keepsake. Great piece. Tracy Evans x

  7. Wow what a lot of work went into this beauty!

  8. This is such a beautiful piece of art! So much attention to detail, little surprises everywhere. Gorgeous!

    Elaine Allen

  9. Such inspiration......I love it.....and I love all the pockets and time pieces.....just amazing.....thank you for sharing it with us.....

  10. hi Lynne and thanks for you comment in my blog :)
    woow, I would be proud and happy if you show my "mad hatter" scene here!

    I have never seen your blog before, and boy do I have some reading to do now!! :)

  11. hi again... if you like more pics than I have in my blog, just say the word!

  12. This is just so fabulous. I love Alice in Wonderland and found your blog from a link on Cheryl's blog. She is lovely and boy did she do me a favour today. I recently went to Happy Valley in Wales and found the Sculpture trail - it is featured on my blog (14th October). I once came second in a competition with a journal page I had done on Alice but nothing half as wonderful as this book. Will be back and will visit Sam's blog later.

  13. I could spend hours looking at this fabulous book! It's utterly AMAZING!!!! xxD


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