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Monday, October 4, 2010

Shadowbox - The Queen of Hearts in in da House . . . of Cards!

Artist: Meeshka
Blog Post: Meesh's House of Cards
Location: United Kingdom

Alice in Wonderland,The Altered Alice
I was stunned when I saw this gorgeous shadowbox on Meeshka's blog. Isn't it wonderful?

She had the wonderful digital images of Alice and the White Rabbit from Mo's Digital Pencil Shop and put in a special request for a Queen of Hearts. After all, she had three openings to fill!

Mo Manning obliged with one of the best Queen of Hearts images I've ever seen. Filled with Mo's wonderful humor, the expression, the posture, and that killer ruff of cards add up to one amazing queen!

Meeshka tells us that other characters may follow, so let's hope! After seeing this Queen of Hearts, I can't wait to see what Mo can do with the Mad Hatter!

The attention to detail is wonderful, and I love it that she carried it through to the mat, sprinkled with crown, watch, and key images that are iconic to each character.

Click to enlarge the image at left, and go to Meeshka's blog post to see closeup photos of each shadowbox opening as well as getting all the details of this WONDERful WONDERLAND creation!

Meeshka, please help yourself to the blog badge at right saying that you have been featured on The Altered Alice, and thanks for letting us share!


  1. An absolutely stunning piece of work .. what a talented lady ...just beautiful ..hugs Melita xx

  2. Wonderful pieces, I love all the little details and embellishments everyone a unique piece. Lovely work. Tracy Evans x

  3. This absolutely blows my mind. I cannot believe how exquisite it is. I'm so tickled I got to see it!

  4. Pure magic. Just finding this a few years late, but better late than never, right?

  5. Wooow! Tris project is so wonderfull!!!!!


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